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A Bad Experience With a Realtor Led Me to Become One

I haven't met a person yet that doesn't have some level of interest in real estate. Whether buying, selling or simply investing, everyone has a real estate goal.


Most people simply do not have the time it takes to learn the ins and outs of a real estate, like anything else, which is why they hire a Realtor. 


Have you ever hired a professional and found yourself thinking "I might as well be doing this myself?" 

Me too.


Fortunately, or unfortunately, what led me to real estate was a bad experience with an uninformed, disconnected agent that lacked market and overall process knowledge. That reason still drives my passion today of educating clients so that they feel they are making their own informed decisions. 


One of the first transactions I did as a new Realtor was manage a cosmetic rehab for out of state clients. It was never intended to be a rehab but they wanted to sell the house, I saw the potential and they trusted me. It was the moment that I knew if they spent $15,000 they would earn $80,0000 in equity that I realized real estate can be lucrative for anybody, if you have the right guidance, tools and team.


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"I service my clients like a team. We work together and we win together"

Prior to real estate I owned a retail business that in reality, owned me. My agent experience and desire to leave retail is what led me to real estate but everything changed when I saw first hand how I could help people get to their goals using real estate as a vehicle. I service my clients like a team. We work together and we win together. 


Originally a Philadelphia native I moved to Pinellas County 10 years ago on a whim to live near the ocean. Outside of real estate today, you can catch me on most days wearing black, watching or reading about true crime and all things non fiction, doing DIY home projects, exploring Madeira Beach, at community events or spending time with the world’s most spoiled dog, Kida.


Great listening takes practice

Skills that I have developed that help my clients the most are the ability to see things from various perspectives and to practice great listening. I am a natural learner and problem solver by birth, however listening has been something I have practiced over the years. Not listening to take notes but truly listening to the contributing factors and concerns of your decisions and constructing individualized plans based around those factors.

A few places I spend my time

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